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Bringing healthcare providers and their clients closer together. 

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Helping Care Organisations Remotely Care for 12400+ Connected Patients Successfully & Counting

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Who we are

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Revolutionise healthcare by building intuitive remote care coordination software that empowers care professionals to effectively and efficiently help people in need!



We aim to become the most-trusted remote care coordination software world-wide creating a future, together with care providers, where warm personalised care is the norm. Even if that care is ‘remote’.



Create the 1 tool to connect it all.




The platform of choice for patient centric and efficient remote care centres


Bullseye Triage

The starting point is a “bulls-eye” triage. The decision on follow up needs to be based on relevant, actual, contextual data (informed assessment). Syntilio gathers and leverages all relevant data from different sources to support your triage process.


Easy Access

Once the correct conclusion has been drawn, easy access to various forms of care like formal, informal, volunteers, welfare, or field technician; whomever is needed to do the right followup.


Effective Communication

After follow up has been chosen, a range of efficient communication options is offered, guiding the care provider throughout the process. Phone, SMS, push notifications, etc. Unlike today, communication and data is 2-way, ensuring a full feedback loop.


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The backbone of any successful and coherent client/patient experience.

Data synchronisation between the different systems, i.e. creating a new qualifying client in Syntilio creates it in your ECD or your Tele-monitoring app (or vice versa)

Syntilio keeps data in sync in case of future updates



Integration between Syntilio and your IoT devices for remote monitoring of both devices and clients

Client monitoring (smart sensors, medication support, video calling, etc...) and Device monitoring (battery, online state, malfunctions, etc…).

Regional and cross segment cooperation, Routing of events, Case handling, Triage questionnaires, Asset registration, and data synchronisation; all in Syntilio



Patient medical 360 overview, historical medical observations, care plans, care circle, medications schedules, etc..

All in one place, creating a continuous patient journey, that seamlessly flows between platforms (Syntilio, EPDs, tele-monitoring apps, etc..)

Why Us

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We are here to help you set up the revolutionary care coordination centre for delivering the smart personalised care that your clients deserve

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360 view of your patients

Syntilio is the only solution providing a 360 view of your patients, with the option to reach out to their full care network, through an abundant suite of follow-up and communication channels.

Built with cooperation and integration in mind.

An open, reliable, and flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing and future systems.