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Thoroughly enjoyed the #alumnitalks2023 of the University of Twente

8 months ago
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🙌 Thoroughly enjoyed the #alumnitalks2023 of the University of Twente.

About how a simple technical business administrator ends up in healthcare (only possible conclusion after the presentations of Richard Droste van ASML... and Anke Huiskes van NP-Hard Ventures 🙏 ) and why that is both very logical and very valuable.

And - in the den of the (technical) lion 🦁 - why technology should never be the starting point, but that - also in healthcare - too often it is. Good technology is important, but really understanding #thejobtobedone for the user/stakeholder is even more important. Too often #zorginnovatie gets stuck in technology, legislation and financing and innovation is done from drawing boards, with too little involvement of the personas for whom we do it: the client/patient and the healthcare provider. But UT alumni understand this better than anyone: #HighTech and #HumanTouch.

It's great to talk to the UT community about the challenges in healthcare and the role of #technologie and #innovatie in solving current and future challenges. And with that, about the central, relevant position that the UT occupies in the healthcare domain. That position and the impact is already evident, but I was happy to challenge the entire UT community to do even more. The UT has everything in-house to make a difference: high-level (technical) #onderwijs, top #onderzoek (both technology and people/behaviour) and access to great #talent.

I also got to meet some of that talent earlier in the day. Thank you S.V. Paradoks (Technical Medicine / Biomedical Engineering) and Study Association Stress (Industrial Engineering) for the warm welcome and the good conversations. Your members are going to make a difference in the coming decades!

Thank Alumnibureau Universiteit Twente for the invitation. With certainty, see you next year!