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Why do we accept compromise in something we value so much… Healthcare?

2 years ago
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We all know, with a growing elderly population and declining care capacity, healthcare professionals are under immense pressure. But still, we expect them to work with outdated technology and manual paperwork.

New, smart technology is needed to guarantee the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare.

Great! But… how?

  1. To cope with all these challenges, hospitals and other care organisations alike introduced remote patient monitoring.

    But how can you handle all this new endless flow of vital signs from different solutions and constant flow of e-mails, calls, and chats, that makes this challenge even bigger?

  2. Some organisations started initiatives for regional and cross segment cooperation.

    But how with different systems that don’t communicate with each other?

  3. Other organisations are seeking more ways to reach out to the patient’s care network.

    But how when data and communication channels are not available?

It is now even more critical than ever, to support and elevate care coordination. Great! But… how?!

Syntilio supports remote care like never before, enabling

  1. Highly efficient Remote Patient Monitoring

    Context aware Case/Incident management and handling, receive, process and monitor incoming events, escalate to specialists, log actions, find more relevant information, dispatch formal or informal help, and notify loved ones all from one place.

  2. Effective Regional cooperation

    Extensive integration with the major ECDs/EPDs, tele monitoring apps, and devices allowing for a seamless exchange of relevant medical data, instant follow-up hand-off to the respective care provider, and a closed feedback loop

  3. Access to the full care network

    An abundant range of communication options, all 1 click away. Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications, sending data to external systems, enabling the most effective and efficient access to the patient's care network. 

We manage the data of both patients and devices, we take out all complexity and present only relevant data in a user friendly manner, using AI and intelligent algorithms to assist you in making the right decisions.

Syntilio is the only solution providing a 360 view of your patients, with the option to reach out to their full care network, through an abundant suite of follow-up and communication channels. Built with cooperation and integration in mind.

An open, reliable, and flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing and future systems.

We are here to help you set up the revolutionary care coordination center for delivering the smart personalised care that your clients deserve.